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I have lived it! I know where you are and how to get you back to where you want to be. Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Tension Disorders are hereditary. They are something that you have created. If that is difficult to accept then you are not alone as most of our new clients feel exactly that way. But as you learn how powerful anxiety, stress and panic can be and what they can do to the body you will see how the puzzle comes together!

Most people come here because they are looking for answers for their physical symptoms. Please read more and you will be shocked to see all the physical symptoms. However do not be alarmed - the physical symptoms that are feeling can be reversed once you learn to control the cause. Please navigate this site to learn more about how you can get your life back!


This site is designed for those that are suffering both mentally and physically and that either don't know the cause of they know the cause and can't find a way to beat it.

Florence Scovell Shin wrote in her book that their were evil twins and that they were anxiety and fear! She was right and men are slaves of life when they are slaves to these two evil twins. Never forget that anxiety and depression are incorrect ways of logic or a better way of saying it conflict or confusion that your mind cannot work out a good conclusion to or the conclusion that has been met is not a good one. This can happen at a conscious level or a sub conscious level and the results can be down right horrible.

I would like to tell you my story. Mine first started when I was much younger and it took me 39 years to find this out. and no I don't mean that it was something that my mother or father did to me. I had a great childhood and while I had my ups and downs in middle and high school they were still very good years. at the age of 23 I graduated college (notice it took an extra year - wahoo!) but soon there after I met my bride to be and we got married at age of 26. That is when i shut down my painting business and ventured into the corporate world. This was where I excelled greatly but I had some serious deeply hidden fears and conflicts. I was in sales and did a better job that 99% of the people that had 20 years more experience than me. I had this natural energy that seemed to just exude and I think that it caught on. and had job had several things about it that I did not like. I was very good at public speaking but absolutely dreaded it. The reason why was that I got so nervous at one presentation that I started to sweat profusely and that made me even more nervous and I could see the customers looking at me weird. I made it through the presentation but I don't know how. I found ways to cover up this profuse sweating by literally freezing my body before presentations.

Physical problems include but are not limited to:

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